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Simplify. Automate. Integrate. These three words are the building blocks and vision of GameSource. Finally, a full-scale, start to finish solution with all of the modern automation and integration you’ve come to expect and depend on. GameSource eliminates the multiple points of data entry and with it, the unavoidable headache of game details getting out of sync. The innovative approach we took in building our platform uses just One Tool to manage all of the game details, and therefore uses just One Source to feed that information in real time to league and school websites, as well as official, athlete, parent, grandparent and fan calendars!   


Tired of nagging people to complete a training, RSVP for a mandatory meeting, turn in a required document, or complete another assigned task? Let our Task Manager Module do the dirty work for you. Create, assign, and manage detailed tasks with ease. Our simple interface allows you in a glance to monitor the progress of completion of tasks you’ve assigned, and as an added bonus the system “nudges” assignees to complete tasks by their due date so you don’t have to be the bad guy anymore! 


Take integration and automation one step further with our Registration Module. Easily create registrations for officials, coaches, athletes and events. Increase compliance and reduce liability by collecting and approving required documentation. Streamline your process and eliminate the time-consuming hassle of collecting fees by simply turning on online payments. Additionally, our forward thinking solution includes auto-integrated athlete registrations for effortless rostering, as well as one-click access at your fingertips to medical info, insurance, and emergency contact info. right from the game. Again, what a game changer!


Our integrated approach makes our Payment Module a smart, efficient and convenient choice to accurately pay those who worked a game. Officials and contractors love that payments are deposited right into their bank account, often within one day of initiating payment! Eliminate costly mistakes, and save time and frustration by saying goodbye to manually sending out paper checks, stuffing envelopes, and paying for postage. Preset your game fees for added automation and reduced time and energy spent on getting payments out.  Additionally, let us handle the preparation and distribution of your 1099’s. Simplify and streamline your payment process with the seamless integration of GameSource! 


Assignors love our clear, easy-to-use dashboard complete with helpful alerts and modern communication tools. Quickly navigate to games needing assignment and simply select from the list of officials pre-filtered based on availability, distance, and pre-set preferences. Officials appreciate the ease of being able to instantly accept or decline right from their email notification of assignment, no login required! Additionally, officials are always kept in-the-know with a real-time calendar sync and automatic game/crew change notifications. What a game changer! 


A modern scheduling tool for leagues & assignors with all of the automation and integration you’ve come to expect and depend on. Advanced yet intuitive options allow you to easily add or bulk import games. Our innovative technology allows opponents to accept/decline, and propose changes when scheduling with each other. This, along with our opponent team overlay and 1-click scheduling cuts the pre-season workload in half, allowing more time to focus on your program and athletes!